Universal Radio Controller V0.9

The V0.9 of the Universal Radio Controller was an initial proof-of-concept implementation of the AIOC processor into a new chassis and presenting the connections with additional filtering to standard Jack plugs for connection to most transceivers.

The V0.9 unit provided:

1) USB-C sound card to convert the receive/transmit audio from the transceiver to USB

2) Full PTT control to allow automatic receive & transmit using either serial port settings (DTR & CTS) or the CM108 standard supported by popular software (including DireWolf.)

A multi-jack connector was also included on the front panel to provide all the required connectors via one plug.

Initially the unit was sold as just PCBs as it was a prototype and only 5 were made. Boards were sold at cost price to early adopter users. The boards and front panel were engineered to fit into a standard case available on Amazon/Ebay/AliExpress etc.