Universal Radio Controller: the M0FXB video series

A good friend of the URC and AIOC is Andreas M0FXB. On Andreas’ channel you’ll find over 40 videos covering aspects of the URC and APRS board and the AIOC, it’s little brother.

Andreas has a unique approach to his videos where he learns with you, rather than trying to teach, going though topics in full detail, carefully discussing how he’s finding out how to do things. This approach is especially useful for hams who are not familiar with the topic of digital and connected radio where you can discover together.

Find the extensive list of videos at [this link]

Please subscribe to Andreas’ channel so you can keep updated with some of the interesting stuff he covers, and it helps him too; his little-and-often bite-size content is particularly good for finding out about some really useful new topics.

Andreas often gets the tip-off on new developments for the URC so you can hear it there first, on is daily ham-radio diary.

There’s a specific playlist for the URC created by Andreas, it’s worth checking if there’s an item that covers a new and interesting topic. Click the video below to jump in.