The All In One Cable thingy – AIOC

AIOC All In One Cable For Ham Radio transceivers including Baofeng, Quansheng and many other makes of portable HT transceivers ‘Handy Talkies’.

The AIOC and Universal Radio Controller use the same CPU and firmware so if you need more connectivity options and extended features, check out the URC too.

I have been building and selling the AIOC for quite a while, you’ll find the kit on my eBay store.

This adapter incorporates thee functions:

  • USB sound card to convert the receive/transmit audio from the transceiver to USB
  • USB to serial adapter to allow programming of your transceiver from radio software such as CHIRP
  • Full PTT control to allow automatic receive & transmit using either serial port settings (DTR & CTS) or the CM108 standard supported by popular software (including Dire Wolf.)

It is an amazing addition to your portable transceiver 

You can use this for APRS, Packet Radio, Winlink, Programming or any other sound card data mode. 

Compatible with all portable radios that use the Kenwood Style connector (unless your radio has the programming chip built in, then it will only do data modes, not programming).

A case is available to protect the AIOC from shorts, damage and greasy fingers

If your radio doesn’t have the Kenwood connector, have a look a the Universal Radio Controller found on this blog as it incorporates the AIOC processor with the necessary support hardware to work with virtually any transceiver.

There is a great video about this device from Ham Radio Dude

Read my other blogs about how to use the AIOC with DigiPi. Its a great way to set up your APRS or Packet radio station and get on the air. The AIOC can also be used with APRD-Droid for a full portable operation.

Please note: there is a minor issue with the AIOC when used with radios with attached ‘rubber duck’ antennas,where the transmit power can cause the AIOC to lock up. This issue does not seem to occur when used with an antenna connected via coax cable.