Latest V2.2 Controller Overview

For up-to-date technical information go to this post.

V2.2 of the Universal Radio Controller brings some minor tweaks to the V2 design, but importantly opens a road map for future product add-ons. The Version 2 main board in the URC has reached the maximum for the number of ports that could be fitted in the chosen 88mm x 100mm case design, so without removing features the overall functionality is now fixed.

V2.2 brings some minor design optimizations that do not change the use of the unit materially, but are mainly to do with fabrication streamlining. The one major feature addition is the onboard expansion modem port for ‘personality boards’ that can be added along with a replacement front panel to augment the functionality of the URC.

The other minor feature addition is enhancing the two level attenuation introduced in V2 into a three-level attenuation (with a slightly higher gain level for line-level inputs).

Using the modem port

The benefit of providing the key functions of the URC to the modem port is that separate developments can be made in parallel. The base function of the URC is now becoming fixed, so new developments are planned to use the modem port.

There are a few ‘collaboration’ projects underway with other hams who have some great ideas for enhancement of the URC, so the modem port is going to be used for some interesting new features. If you would like to see a new function, let me know.

Three add-in personality boards are currently in development to be released in the next few weeks, so watch this space.

Previous versions upgrade program

The URC has been a live-project with regular major upgrades. I am grateful to the early adopters of the URC who have helped grow the project. To recognize the support of this community, there will be an upgrade offer of a replacement board set available with any of the upcoming personality boards.