The K1EL WinKeyer V3.1 Personality Board

Introducing the second option for the Universal Radio Controller V2.2, is the K1EL WinKeyer V3.1 personality board.

See this in action on this video:

The WinKeyer 3.1 personality board provides a convenient way to connect your PC to an amateur radio transceiver and send Morse both under computer control and by iambic paddle.

WinKeyer 3.1 gives you a complete standalone keyer with speed control, message button, and a paddle interface. The K1EL software and support resource is excellent for getting the most from the WinKeyer.

I selected the K1EL WinKeyer as it’s hard to find a contest or logging app that does not support WinKeyer. K1EL created the Winkeyer interface back in 2001 and did all the work convincing software developers to incorporate it into their applications. Steve K1EL as approved the use of the WinKeyer processor in the URC.

The URC serial port is used to communicate with the K1EL WinKeyer processor, providing support for all the available functions. A front-panel switch provides easy selection of the serial port function, between CAT control, HT programming or the WinKeyer.

In external keypad is under development to provide the full 6 memory button capability supported by WinKeyer, this is accessed via the paddle jack and enabled with an internal jumper.

Personality board features:

  • Uses latest WinKeyer3 IC (V3.1)
  • 1 Message push button, (external 6-button board under development)
  • 3.5mm style Key and PTT outputs on front panel
  • High voltage physical PTT relay in the URC
  • Weighting, Keying compensation, and Letterspace
  • Sidetone speaker on board
  • Front Panel Speed Control
  • Paddle connector on front panel
  • Custom silk-screened front panel
  • USB interface serial port function selection

NOTE: The WinKeyer personality board does not include the K1EL WinKeyer processor. You will need to source this from K1EL Systems in the US or Kanga UK in the UK/Europe.

Purchasing the WinKyer CW processor
(just the 14 pin DIP IC, not the URC personality board)

Link to K1EL WinKeyer 3.2 CW Processor page

Link to Kanga UK WinKeyer 3.2 CW Processor page

Board construction and use guide